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At SIGMA SYSTEM SYNDICATE (a sole proprietorship founded in 1990 at Lahore), there witnessed an acumen-ship of sharp solutions and tuning of the sensitivities. This equates the practice of architecture where listening, re-evaluation and production are all equally inter-dependent. As essentially required, an architect today has to be more than just a designer, and should be fully conversant with market strategies and economics, prevailing design trends, construction technologies, practice and project management. In forming a vibrant Company, the young intellectual and enthusiastic minds promises to exceed the expectations. Therefore, the Sigma System Syndicate strives to set new standards of design practice with immaculate detailing and accuracy in its work. Alongside the architects and engineers are the many specialist teams whose expertise underpins our approach. Our commitment to research and development has allowed us to bring our combined expertise to bear on an unprecedented range of projects.








About Us



Our designs are tailor-made. Each design befitting its environmental tangibilities such as cohesive organization, convenient movement, satisfying comfortability, green effect, integrated stylization, competitive economical involvement and above all ready-to-respond attitude and prompt execution. We remain at a call’s distance from our very valued client.


A comprehensively perfect interior is like a noble soul in a handsome body. To let this soul stay in comfort and convenience we equip the building in a manner matching the brush flowing on a canvas. We do draw the occupants to the ultimate utility and comfort of its interior finishes, which never ever exceeded the limits set by the valued client.


Turn-key projects are the most ideal combinations, where we ask our valued clients to move into the new building with his clothing and books and start living with maximized comfort and convenience. This implies that all head-aches are for us. Not only that we design and build a strong building for you but we place everything in it for you to live prosperously.



Chief Executive

The founder and Chief Executive of the Company imbibed with vast experience in Company organizational and implementation matters and handling of large-size multidimensional projects of commercial nature. An archaeologist and historian by academic qualification has been teaching history of art and architecture at the University of Peshawar as well as the Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.

Arch Ali Arooj Bhatty

Principal Architect

Graduating in the 1994 session of the Pacific Western University, USA in the discipline of Architectural Technology, credited with rich experience of working with senior architects – he joined SIGMA SYSTEM SYNDICATE as principal architect in 1997 and lead its team of professionals to very successful ultimatum. He has contributed many professional articles for publication in periodicals, apart from reading papers in seminars and conducting graduating examinations as external juror.

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